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  • In Which We Talk About THE HUNGER GAMES Movie

    Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

    Okay, so if you’ve not seen THE HUNGER GAMES movie yet, you may want to skip reading this post as well as the comments section below since they’re likely to contain spoilers (or perhaps you’ll want to read them for the sake of seeing what you’re in for?). It’s up to you. :0) Also, for those of you who loved the books, but haven’t yet seen the movie—I hate to mention that your rabid-fan status may be slipping. Because, well, it’s been a WEEK since it hit theaters. *ahem*

    So? What did you think of THE HUNGER GAMES movie? Loved? Confused? Too gory? Exceeded your expectations? Frustrated? Did it stick to the book enough? Did the theme(s)/struggles/issues presented in the book come through? And what about the characters—were they as you imagined?

    Here are my own personal (quickly jotted) notes:


    1. Chuckled
    2. Teary-eyed
    3. Nervous
    4. Annoyed (I think the Rabid-fan Opening Night Movie Rule should be that you can scream all you want beforehand—yay for anticipation!—but once the movie starts, do NOT drown out said movie with your half-crazed screams or I may eat your face off. Just a thought.)
    5. A sense of disgust and horror at the violence–I didn’t want to think about the fact that these were children killing each other (and in my opinion, such a realization/reaction is one of the main purposes of the book series–to expose our own irony and shallowness)


    1. Katniss—perfect (really, all around SO well done, and I especially appreciated how “normal” they made her)
    2. Gale—he brought the book character to life for me
    3. Peeta—totally enjoyed, although I found myself missing some of the interactions that established his and Katniss’ relationship in the book
    4. Haymitch—liked him, but then my sister mentioned she wished he’d been more “Dr. House”-like (from the show HOUSE), and well, now I have to agree darnit *shakes fist at sister*
    5. Effie—exactly as I imagined her
    6. Cinna—okay, so there wasn’t quite enough face-time/subtle defiance/interaction for me to fall for him like I did in the books, but I still hearted him
    7. Rue—perfect actor and perfectly played (although I wanted her and Katniss to start talking about their districts!)


    I specifically liked how they used the special effects (seemingly sparingly) to allow for a raw feel, interrupted by “glossy” aspects at the appropriate times (especially anything to do with the evil Capitol). I was surprised there wasn’t more goo-gore hallucinations from the tracker-jackers though. Not that I minded. Also, I confess that the wolves in the book creeped me out WAY more. Oh, but the scenes showing the operators controlling the arena were very awesome. Totally made that aspect of the book more real for me.


    I was actually pretty impressed with the way they cut the scenes. I wondered how they’d keep a PG-13 rating with all the violence and such, but (in my humble opinion) they managed it.


    I praised the screenwriters and director the whole way through. Way to keep close to the story without boring or ignoring us. Thank you Hunger Games movie people. 


    Realizing that, as I sat watching a giant screen showing youth fight to the death in the arena, I wasn’t so different from the Capitol citizens (oh Suzanne Collins, how brilliant/convicting/subtle you are).

    And now it’s the Preciouses’ turns. What’d you guys think? We wants to know!

    Pinned Image

    (from this Pinterest page)

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  • Which HUNGER GAMES Character Are You? (plus a crazy-good recipe)

    Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

    Tomorrow is HUNGER GAMESSSSSSSS!!! *toots horn and tosses glitter and cupcakes and baby unicorns around the room*

    Of course I’m going to stand in line for the midnight showing (tickets acquired, thank you my lovely Sarah Kathleen) with all the crazies. I was thinking of going as Haymitch since I’m old and sometimes grouchy when I’m up late, plus I like to throw things at people. Which means I’d be the awesomely fun person in line launching an arsenal of bread and meds at the Katniss look-a-likes. (Hmm…there’s possibility in this plan.)


    Alas, I cannot be Haymitch. I just took this HUNGER GAMES character quiz and, apparently, I am Cinna! (How very cool of me, I know. He was always my favorite. Even after he…you know—SPOILER CENSORED FOR THOSE WHO’VE NOT FINISHED THE SERIES—)

    So now I have to rethink my plans, because for as awesome as Cinna is, how does one “be him” in a movie line? Does one walk around fixing the braids of the Katniss look-a-likes and trying to rip off their leg hair and measure them for clothing sizes? Uh, no thanks. This…I will have to think on.

    In the meantime, I command you to rush over and take this quiz so we can see which HUNGER GAMES’ Character YOU ARE. Here’s the link:

    HUNGER GAMES CHARACTER QUIZ <—and no cheating


    As for the rest of you, Preciouses, I offer a pie recipe. An insanely good one that’s even better when you realize what’s in it. Or rather what’s NOT in it. It’s everything my kids (dairy-allergic) can eat, and what I (sugar-sensitive) prefer. The super sweet Vickie Motter introduced me to this amazing chocolaty pie (from Chocolate-Covered Katie’s healthy dessert blog), and now I have a slight addiction to it. (Read that as I have a serious addiction to it.) She also introduced me to this homemade, cane sugar-free, three-ingredient chocolate, which I used to make the pie (it gives a tasty coconut flavor). So if I need some sort of chocolate addiction intervention in the next few weeks, you’ll know who to blame. And while you’re at it, check out Vickie’s agenty blog space and book reviews. You’ll like her.

    No cane sugar. No dairy. No gluten if you prefer (which I don’t, so I made mine with crust :0)). But you’d never know it was missing any of those. I swear. Oh, and per Vickie’s suggestion—let the pie refrigerate for 12 hours for best flavor. I tried a slice around six hours and then after 12 just to see what she meant, and I completely agree. After 12, the tofu had absorbed the flavor all the way. Also, I added a bit more agave than the recipe calls for and used almond milk for the non-dairy milk. So…yeah. Have at it:



     ultimate chocolate pie photo



    pie crust photo



    ultimate chocolate pie




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  • 8 Geek Items for the HUNGER GAMES Fan

    Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

    Okay, so yes I said I’d post pics of my writing retreat this week, but…really, this post is so much more necessary. Tomorrow kicks off HUNGER GAMES MONTH (yay the movie!!!), and, of course, I’ve got to do my rabid fangirl part to obsess celebrate. (Also, before I forget–in the completely boring line of business–just an FYI that Google is supposed to be pulling their Google Friend Connect button–that thing over to your right with one hundred-and-fifty-something pictures of happy people and their cats–from all non-blogger sites tomorrow **sniff, sniff, waaaail**, so you might want to consider following this blog via email. Do you see that cute little envelope icon at the top, right edge of this post? That’s the one. Go at it.)

    And now on to our post.

    Because what book do we adore more than almost any other on the planet???


    (Side note: If you don’t love it, then leave now. You’re not allowed to laugh, snort, or guffaw with us today. Also? I cast a shrinking curse upon your underwear drawer.)

    And WHAT, my preciouses, do we adore almost just as much as THE HUNGER GAMES?

    The rabid fan girls and boys! All drooling and crazy and running around in our their cute little camo, sticking arrows in people and making the Mockingjay sign into our their PB&J pita sandwiches. This post is for us them. The brave rabid souls who need more HUNGER GAMES items to maintain our their rabid geek status. To us thee I bequeath (in order of random awesomeness):

    The Hunger Games lightbulb. (buy it at Amazon)



    And what better use for said lightbulb than to illuminate your desk as you write lovely emails texts letters to your family back home. Although, too bad this doesn’t come with President Snow stationary. I’d totally use that for my mean official correspondence, like bills and income taxes. (buy it at Amazon)



    And ooh, Katniss’ bow! How cool would it be to slink amongst the trees at the mommy-and-me park playdate, looking all Katniss-like, while the other moms talk pedicures and Jershey Shore? BEST. THING. EVER. (buy it at Hot Topic)

    The Hunger Games Katniss Hunting Bow Sku 137469


    Also, single guys? This would be cool on your car’s dashboard. Probably even get you chicks. Hot geek ones. (buy it at Amazon)


    And if you’re worried girls won’t go for you because your man-beard hasn’t grown in yet. NO. WORRIES.

    Clickety-click –> for a cutout of Seneca Crane’s beard!

    Just trim and paste onto desired scum-stache area. (Make sure to use Gorrilla Glue or cement paste since glue sticks will only give you about an hour’s worth of stickage. Also, duct tape is acceptable.)



    And if you’re headed to the gym, don’t forget the Hunger Games water bottle. This baby’ll allow you to work out like a District Tribute while imagining Haymitch tossing croissants your way on the treadmill. (buy it at Cafe Press)

    Hunger Games water bottle


    Of course, to go with that fancy dancy water bottle, you’ll need some fancy dancy food. And what could be more enticing than meals based upon the forages of the impoverished district residents. (buy it at Think Geek)

    Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook


    And finally…

    Wait for it…

    Wait for iiiiiiiiiit…

    The HUNGER GAMES snuggie!!! Hahahaha…heck yeah. (buy it at Cafe Press)

    Hunger Games Snuggie


    Do you love them? If so, please take the Rabid Fan Girl Test so we can be warned to see how dangerous far your rabid fangirl status reaches. And not to brag or anything but…I’ve got movie tickets for HUNGER GAMES’ opening night. Do you?



    “The Hunger But Mainly Death Games” parody (“May the odds let there be toilet paper in the arena”)

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