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  • In Which We Talk About THE HUNGER GAMES Movie

    Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

    Okay, so if you’ve not seen THE HUNGER GAMES movie yet, you may want to skip reading this post as well as the comments section below since they’re likely to contain spoilers (or perhaps you’ll want to read them for the sake of seeing what you’re in for?). It’s up to you. :0) Also, for those of you who loved the books, but haven’t yet seen the movie—I hate to mention that your rabid-fan status may be slipping. Because, well, it’s been a WEEK since it hit theaters. *ahem*

    So? What did you think of THE HUNGER GAMES movie? Loved? Confused? Too gory? Exceeded your expectations? Frustrated? Did it stick to the book enough? Did the theme(s)/struggles/issues presented in the book come through? And what about the characters—were they as you imagined?

    Here are my own personal (quickly jotted) notes:


    1. Chuckled
    2. Teary-eyed
    3. Nervous
    4. Annoyed (I think the Rabid-fan Opening Night Movie Rule should be that you can scream all you want beforehand—yay for anticipation!—but once the movie starts, do NOT drown out said movie with your half-crazed screams or I may eat your face off. Just a thought.)
    5. A sense of disgust and horror at the violence–I didn’t want to think about the fact that these were children killing each other (and in my opinion, such a realization/reaction is one of the main purposes of the book series–to expose our own irony and shallowness)


    1. Katniss—perfect (really, all around SO well done, and I especially appreciated how “normal” they made her)
    2. Gale—he brought the book character to life for me
    3. Peeta—totally enjoyed, although I found myself missing some of the interactions that established his and Katniss’ relationship in the book
    4. Haymitch—liked him, but then my sister mentioned she wished he’d been more “Dr. House”-like (from the show HOUSE), and well, now I have to agree darnit *shakes fist at sister*
    5. Effie—exactly as I imagined her
    6. Cinna—okay, so there wasn’t quite enough face-time/subtle defiance/interaction for me to fall for him like I did in the books, but I still hearted him
    7. Rue—perfect actor and perfectly played (although I wanted her and Katniss to start talking about their districts!)


    I specifically liked how they used the special effects (seemingly sparingly) to allow for a raw feel, interrupted by “glossy” aspects at the appropriate times (especially anything to do with the evil Capitol). I was surprised there wasn’t more goo-gore hallucinations from the tracker-jackers though. Not that I minded. Also, I confess that the wolves in the book creeped me out WAY more. Oh, but the scenes showing the operators controlling the arena were very awesome. Totally made that aspect of the book more real for me.


    I was actually pretty impressed with the way they cut the scenes. I wondered how they’d keep a PG-13 rating with all the violence and such, but (in my humble opinion) they managed it.


    I praised the screenwriters and director the whole way through. Way to keep close to the story without boring or ignoring us. Thank you Hunger Games movie people. 


    Realizing that, as I sat watching a giant screen showing youth fight to the death in the arena, I wasn’t so different from the Capitol citizens (oh Suzanne Collins, how brilliant/convicting/subtle you are).

    And now it’s the Preciouses’ turns. What’d you guys think? We wants to know!

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    (from this Pinterest page)

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  • When it Comes to Book Trailers…

    Monday, March 15th, 2010

    Dear Book Trailer Makers (you know—you people who make book trailers that look like movie trailers but they’re really just a ploy to advertise your book?),

    I don’t care that you make them. And I don’t care that some people question the legitimacy of any piece of literature that can be promoted as a Hollywood thrill ride. Nor do I care that some of you are selling your souls in an effort to both hock your novel and land a possible movie deal all within this well-planned scheme. I will do the same someday.

    But what I DO care about?

    The cheeze factor. It’s bad. And frankly, I, as a legitimate reader, am disturbed.

    Which is why I planned to post a few examples here, except my husband said it wouldn’t be very nice of me. Drat. So how about I just suggest out loud that if your book trailer starts out with a deep-throated voiceover, actors with bad hair who proceed to rap the entire dialogue, or if it contains a soft filter film quality like those used for soap operas, with lame women sighing heavily . . . or men sighing heavily, for that matter . . . I’m going to turn it off. And never read your book. Ever.

    However, in an effort to avoid sounding like a persnickety young wench (no small feat, let me tell you), I’ll give thee a hint at what type of tasty morsels entice me to buy and crack open your books. Namely, these. Watch and learn.

    And to my own discerning readers with sharp wit and excellent taste: watch and tell me if I’m wrong :-).


    Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (Amazon’s Best Book Video of 2009)


    Catching Fire  (if you’ve read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, you’ll understand exactly why this trailer for the sequel works)


    And in case you missed my Facebook post earlier: here’s what we were all laughing over :-)

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  • Your Top Novels of 2009?

    Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

    In case you missed it–The Guardian posted their top 50 books of the past decade list. I think you’ll find it an interesting read when you’ve got time, although I confess to feeling mortified at how many books are on it of which I’ve never even heard (and the many more I’ve not yet read). Ergh . . . so many books, so little–well, you know how it goes.

    However, the list idea prompted me to rummage around in my tousled mind and come up with two fiction favorites from the year we’ve all so recently left behind. Keeping in mind, of course, that playing favorites with books is a bit like picking out one’s best child (it all depends on what mood you’re in and which one is currently NOT running with scissors or dipping Barbie into the peanut butter jar). Especially for a girl who’s got five mountainous tome heaps lined up taller than her nightstand beside the bed.

    After much in the way of tears and guilt and indecisiveness, here are the two I came up with:

    An oldie:  Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment

    And a goodie:  a little YA (hey, don’t laugh) called The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins

    One of these days I’ll review them both and we’ll discuss. But for now, dear reading friendlies, it’s your turn. WHAT are your top two novel picks for 2009?


    What’s the mood music of the moment? Nightwish:  Phantom of the Opera




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